• Is it Necessary to Buy a Car According to the Climate?

    Wednesday 13 September 2017

    Recent debate about climate change has caused a stir in the automotive industry; innovative solutions to help decrease auto emissions that take a toll on the environment and air quality have recently emerged in the past decade or so, causing a divide in car buyers’ options. Energy-efficient vehicles are an attractive option for prospective buyers for a number of reasons, but mainly because it saves them money in gas costs. This is particul... read more

  • DIY vs. Professional Vehicle Maintenance

    Wednesday 09 August 2017

    Car maintenance is essential if you want to protect your investment in your vehicle. Some maintenance procedures are more simple than others, but that doesn’t always mean that it should be done yourself, without the help of professional guidance. Depending on whether or not you have a basic understanding of automotive jargon and mechanical techniques, you may be able to handle some vehicle maintenance without... read more

  • Should I Choose to Install a Used Engine?

    Monday 10 July 2017

    Should I Choose to Install a Used Engine?   When your car engine fails and you come to the grim realization that you have to start looking for another engine, it may not have occurred to you to look for a used engine instead of a new one. However, relatively speaking, installing a used engine in your car is not much different than purchasing a used car; in fact, it’s a lot cheaper! Keeping the car you have and looking for a used eng... read more

  • How to Fix My Car’s Weird AC Noises

    Friday 03 March 2017

    Nothing feels better than feeling the cold air blowing in your car on a hot day, practically a necessity, it is one of the most important parts of any car: a working air conditioner. Should you need the cold air and be greeted with nothing or warm air, it can be quite the cause for concern as you hope to figure out why. Usually your air conditioner will begin to show signs that it is beginning to experience an issue, typically through weird and unusual s... read more

  • How Safe is a Self Driving Car

    Friday 27 January 2017

    More and more now with the constant advancement of technology seemingly each and every day, self driving cars are becoming more and more common with various manufacturers and even Google all designing and testing models of various of self-driving and autonomous vehicles. With cruise control capabilities advancing to the point of essentially being able to handle the car themselves and manufacturers like... read more