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Is my factory warranty void if I don't service my car at the dealership?

  Have you ever been in a situation when your leased car was up for service and you were confused as if to bring it to the dealer or an independent? Imagine this- You buy or lease your new car from a dealership, and they tell you, "Make sure you bring it back here for regular maintenance so you do not void your warranty." Of course, you start to wonder whether getting you vehicle services at an independent repair shop will actually void your factory warranty and cause further problems down the road. It's a valid question to ask yourself, and unfortunately not many know how to answer. Did you know that there is a law from 1975 that protected this exact confusion? The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits dealers from refusing to honor your warranty if someone else performs the repairs. It was created to stop manufacturers, such as dealerships, from confusing consumers with misleading disclaimers and information ... read more

How To Prevent Water Leaks In Your Car

How To Prevent Water Leaks In Your Car

Though we are known as the Sunshine State, Florida gets more than its fair share of rain. Lately, we’ve had torrential rains across the state. We have been receiving calls from our clients, telling us about the mysterious water leaks in their trunk and on the floor mats. Leaving your windows and sunroof open during a thunderstorm is an apparent cause for a wet car interior. However, what about when the windows are all closed? How can your car get wet on the inside when the trunk is closed, the windows are up, and the doors are locked? It may be due to the car’s drainage system getting filled with debris; resulting in water leaks. Like a gutter on your roof that’s backed up with leaves, water may seep into ordinarily waterproof areas if the drainage system is blocked. All vehicles have a drainage system, and some vehicle brands consistently exhibit drainage design issues. The water leaks could be the result of a faulty sunroof drainage system. Alternatively, the are ... read more


Hurricane Damage
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