• Should I Choose to Install a Used Engine?

    Monday 10 July 2017

    Should I Choose to Install a Used Engine?   When your car engine fails and you come to the grim realization that you have to start looking for another engine, it may not have occurred to you to look for a used engine instead of a new one. However, relatively speaking, installing a used engine in your car is not much different than purchasing a used car; in fact, it’s a lot cheaper! Keeping the car you have and looking for a used eng... read more

  • How to Fix My Car’s Weird AC Noises

    Friday 03 March 2017

    Nothing feels better than feeling the cold air blowing in your car on a hot day, practically a necessity, it is one of the most important parts of any car: a working air conditioner. Should you need the cold air and be greeted with nothing or warm air, it can be quite the cause for concern as you hope to figure out why. Usually your air conditioner will begin to show signs that it is beginning to experience an issue, typically through weird and unusual s... read more

  • How Safe is a Self Driving Car

    Friday 27 January 2017

    More and more now with the constant advancement of technology seemingly each and every day, self driving cars are becoming more and more common with various manufacturers and even Google all designing and testing models of various of self-driving and autonomous vehicles. With cruise control capabilities advancing to the point of essentially being able to handle the car themselves and manufacturers like... read more

  • Can My Regular Tires Withstand Winter in West Palm Beach?

    Tuesday 24 January 2017

    If you live in an area with extremely harsh winters, things like intense rainstorms or snow likely have you thinking of warmer weather for months. One area with a winter that is not so severe is Florida, often known for its’ almost year-round ideal weather conditions that make it such a popular destination for residents and vacationers alike. Whether you’re living there or vacationing, there’s a good chance that you will need your car to get ar... read more

  • Are Side Air Bags in a Car Important?

    Saturday 10 December 2016

    Unfortunately, something important to consider when purchasing a car is how safe you’ll be in the event of an accident. When driving you want to know that you’ll be kept safe and that not only will the structure of the vehicle protect you, but also that the airbags can help prevent or minimize any injuries sustained. While not mandatory or required, side air bags are known to provide extra safety and security in the e... read more